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Tree Chart

(edit) I have made myself a knitting symbol font, and it is fixed width, and it allows for increases in the middle of cable crossings, and it makes "knit" and "purl" look very very different.

And so I have charted out the branches of my tree using my font. (The previous version used the Aire River Design font.) (There are some minor differences between the tree in the picture and this chart. Specifically, the leaves are bigger and more spaced apart, which means that there are fewer of them, and I've moved it up a little.)

The key to these charts is here. Let me know if it is unclear (or if I made any mistakes writing it down.)

This tree is worked as a rectangular panel. Allow 61 stitches for it. (Increases and decreases will happen; however, you need 61 stitches going in and will have 61 stitches coming out.)

This is an alternative version of Rows 72 onwards, that you can use if you're also putting your tree on a Rogue. The numbers indicate the row number of Chart B of Rogue that it should be replacing. (So just after finishing this part, you would work the row of Rogue containing Row 25 of Chart B.)

It's in three pieces because, frankly, it looks like a mess if it isn't.

Note that these are half-charts. So you start at the right edge and work from right to left. Then you work back from left to right, starting at the red bar, if a red bar exists.

Edit: Oh, right! Roots!
Image hosted by

This is where I have the biggest modifications from what I did before. Specifically, I made all the roots twice as thick so they didn't look titchy next to the branches.

More edit: Minor errors have been corrected in the "roots" section and in the third (bottom) tree section.

The trunk is just a three-stitch knit rib all the way up. (In other words, repeat Row 23 of the roots chart as many times as you want; I used about thirty rows.)

Edit: I am a very tight knitter. I get better results by working yarn overs and then knitting them the next row through the back loop. Most people get better results by just skipping the yarn overs and doing twisted make-1 increases the next row. I have edited the charts accordingly.
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