Meredith (fleckerbug) wrote in advanced_knit,

Some help on choosing which length of DPNs to order?

I'm going to order a set of 75 DPNs; that's 15 sizes ranging from 0 to 15. The company offers two different lengths-- 6 in. and 8 in. and I just can't decide which to order. The DPNs I have now are 7 inches, which seem perfect, but I can't get that length at such a great deal or in so many sizes. I've never worked with really large DPNS before, so worry that the 10-15s will feel uncomfortable if they are too short or too long. I'm leaning towards the 6 in. because I'd rather have less bulk and I don't need the few extra working inches 8 in. would give since I'm also ordering 16 in. circulars and will only be using the DPNs for very small things, but I'm worried they'll feel too short in my hand. Anyway.. so does anyone here have experience with both lengths and if so, what would you recommend? I know it's most just a matter of personal preference, just looking for some opinions. Thanks!

I don't know if 'what materials or tools to use' posts are allowed, but I thought you folks might have more experience with and opinions on different needle lengths than the users over in 'knitting'.


Thanks for all of your suggestions.

I've measured my 7s against my hand a few times and they stick about 2 inches past the edge of my palm. I measured my circulars, which have 5 in. needles.. the butt where it joins the cord sits right against the edge of my palm when I knit. I played around a bit with the positions I prefer to knit in and decided that the 6's would not stab the edge of the palm and the 8s might stab me in the belly or wrist, as I like to hold them close to my body while I recline and knit. That, with your suggestions, has decided me. Thanks so much!
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