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problems following a lace chart

I'm having trouble with a pattern. I've never followed a lace chart before (I've done plenty of lace, just not using a chart). The pattern is from Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders-- pg. 220-221, Lacy Leaf Alpaca-Angora Hat. I looked up corrections and there aren't any, however there are plenty for other patterns in the book (over 1/4 of the patterns), so I'm wondering it it's not just the pattern.

The pattern calls for casting on 85 stitches and joining in the round and knitting/purling a few rows, placing a marker every 17 stitches. I've done that fine and have gotten to the chart. The pattern just says to work the pattern (10 rows) between the markers for 4 repeats. The problem is that, as far as I can tell, the first row of the chart only covers 16 stitches-- here's how the pattern reads-- yo, k, ssk, p, k2tog, k, yo, p, k, p, k2tog, yo,k, yo, p, k, p-- so I'm left with one stitch before the marker unworked. I've tried getting an idea by looking at the next row, but it shows 17 worked stitches, which lines up fine with the first row of the pattern as written (the first row takes out three stitches with the SSKs and the K2TOGs and puts in 4 with the YOs). I guess I could repeat the pattern as is, but I'd be left with 5 stitches at the end of the row... I'm assuming this will make the whole thing look wonky. And if I did do that, would it off-set where I'd start the pattern in the next row? Should it be 80 stitches with each row having 16 stitches?

Help?! Is there something wrong with the chart or am I just doing this chart thing all wrong?

I don't think this breaks copyright since I didn't explain anything exactly, and only a little bit of the pattern, but please let me know!

*UPDATE*-- Thanks guys-- happy to know it was the chart and that I don't just totally fail at chart-interpreting. :) I looked at that site all of you linked before posting and I just can't believe that I somehow missed the pattern on the errata (though with such a huge errata it was easier to get lost!). Note-- make sure your find toolbar isn't set to matching case!
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