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Halp!  I managed to get a few drops of candlewax on the sweater  I'm currently knitting.  I've searched and found ways to get wax out of other items (paperbags + warm iron), but I want to make sure this won't damage the alpaca yarn.  Anybody else ever done this?  Any tips?  This is the first sweater I've knitted, and I'm afraid of damaging the yarn.  Even if you lovely folks have never done this, I'm sure you'll be a better help than many other non knitting, cleaning communities on here. 
Thanks in advance for your help, and for just being here.  I can't imagine living without a world wide resource of knitters to bug when I run into problems!

ETA:  9-15
I rubbed an ice cube on the small splotches, 4 about the size of a pencil eraser.  I managed to pick 90% of two of them off, and all of the other two.  I placed several paper towels in the sleeve and on top of the sleeve, and began with the hairdryer on high.  I waited about five minutes, and there was no softening of the wax, so I put my iron on 1, and very gently held the iron on top of the paper towels with now a paper bag on top.  After five minutes, there was very little heat, so I upped it to level 2.  After another five minutes, there was still very little heat making it thru, so I brought the temp up to 3.  Then slowly, progress was made.  It took about 15 minutes at level 3, constantly readjusting the toweling to absorb the wax without letting it get anywhere else on the sleeve.  But, my sweater is happily wax free, and I'm knitting again and trying to figure out how to do my button bands and hood.  ;-)  Crisis averted, thanks to your help!
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