May 3rd, 2005


Bust High, Bust Low

I've had 2 terrible cami tragedies and am looking to avoid a third. As I prepare for a beginning garment sewing class (by reading everything I can get my hands on), I was surprised to learn that if the difference between your high bust measurement* and your full bust measurment** is greater than 2.5", then you should should purchase the pattern according to the high bust measurement and adjust the pattern to accomodate a cup size larger than B.

I'm now intrigued...could this be the problem with my cami knitting? Should I plan my knitting on my high bust measurement and use short rows to adjust for the boobage?

Thoughts? I'm just noodling around a theory, so I'd appreciate some feedback.

*high bust measurement--measure chest around the top of the bust and under the armpit
**full bust measurement--measure around the chest at fullest part of the bustline.
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Tree Chart

The chart was originally hosted by Photobucket, but they have discontinued their free photo hosting service, so the charts are now available as a Google Document or on my Ravelry account. (The first link should be freely readable; the second link will require a Ravelry account.)

The rest of this post has been redacted, as it is no longer usable without the Photobucket photos.

Edit: I am a very tight knitter. I get better results by working yarn overs and then knitting them the next row through the back loop. Most people get better results by just skipping the yarn overs and doing twisted make-1 increases the next row. I have edited the charts accordingly.
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new member and project announcement

so, i've decided to do a knitting project. i want to get as many people from as many places to join in. i'll start a knitted piece, then mail it to someone else, who will add to it then mail it on and so on and so forth. i want it to go as far as possible. i got a bit of the idea from caroline love's "The Big Knit" but i want this to be more about people and geographical scope than her piece is. if you want to knit, let me know. i really want to get as many people involved in this as possible. thanks all.