Becky (ladysaphira) wrote in advanced_knit,

Wedding shawl/stole/wrap

I hope this isn't too vague.  A very good friend of mine got engaged yesterday.  I really want to knit her a nice wedding shawl.  I don't think I'm prepared to knit (and I don't think she'd know what to do with) a six foot square of shetland lace but I am looking for a project slightly more complicated then the Fiber Trends shawls I've done so far.  By complicated I guess I mean smaller needles, finer gauge, etc...

The main thing I'm looking for is pattern suggestions.  I can see something like this rectangular shawl going over very well, and I love the pattern on this triangular one.  Unfortunately both those shawls were designed by the knitter - and I'm not at that level yet!  As I already said I'm looking for a fine lace project - I do want the finished project to pass through a wedding ring, but other then that I don't know exactly what I'm looking for.  I will happily use this as a good excuse to buy a whole book of lace patterns, but I'd like some recommendations first.

I'd love to hear any other tidbits of information anyone has to offer - good stories, bad stories, yarn suggestions, etc...
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