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ISO of charts for Schachenmayr Princess Vest

Elann's free patterns are not up forever. The does not archive images when it archives the HTML. I did write down my modifications in a locked LJ post but really, blue sweater Back of sweater is 7 repeats now. Needs to be 6. Fronts are 4 repeats. Needs to be 3. So 12 on either side. Need to remember to use two outer stitches. is NOT enough information to be useful when the Archive has just the text and the pattern was mostly in the chart images. What I had done was knit the sweater (probably 5 hours of work) then took it apart when I realized it was too large so I don't even have the original to compare to.

Does anyone have the charts and are able to scan and send them to me? Failing that, does anyone know where I can go to find the charts as Googling as gotten me nothing but mentions of the pattern.

Thank you.
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