We know that stockinette curls

(and we know how to fix it).

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Advanced knitters
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So, what makes an advanced knitter? Please read this before continuing to understand what this is all about.

This is a moderated community. All posts will be reviewed by the community maintainer; replies are not screened. If your post is deemed inappropriate to the community, it will not be accepted. This isn't to be mean, but to uphold the integrity of this community.

Beginning and new knitters are encouraged to watch, post, and participate!

The overwhelming sentiment of this community is that we're always learning, if we allow it. All of us started somewhere, and even the most advanced knitters pick up new knowledge along the way. One of the most fabulous things about knitting is the vast amount there is to learn and how much you learn without even being aware. This thread discusses what we've learned; please add to it whenever you desire!

Rules (yes, there are some):

  • Please, no cross-posting. Figure out the appropriate community for what you'd like to say and stick with it.
  • General knitting posts such as, "What yarn stores are in my town?", "Can I take knitting needles on a plane?", "There's a sale at such-and-such" are not appropriate for this community.
  • Although we welcome beginners, some beginner questions are more appropriate for knitting, Google, or a good knitting book. An example would be, "How do I decrease/increase?" If you have a more involved question, such as, "Does it matter if you slip the stitches in an SSK a certain way? Does it matter if you knit them a certain way?" that is appropriate.
  • Pattern requests are acceptable, as long as they're specific patterns. For instance, "I would like to find a free hat pattern" is a no, but "I would like a pattern for a triangular shawl with a simple lace pattern made out of sportweight yarn." is more appropriate. A note about free online patterns: if you're not able to find it through a search engine, it probably doesn't exist.
  • We know that there's another knitting community. No one here is professing to be a more superior form of knitter. This community exists to complement, not replace, the others.
  • Labels like "advanced" are completely arbitrary. Don't assume you don't belong here simply because you mightn't define yourself as an "advanced knitter", and don't apologize for any lack of certain skills. Again, read this post.
  • This community is a baby. It has some growth to do, complete with the pains. The guidelines and rules of this community will do some evolving before they're solidified; please be patient.
  • Have some friggin' fun, people!

    kitchenwitch (aka eldil) is the maintainer of this community. Please contact her with questions, comments, or gifts of yarn.
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